Smaller LinkIt ONE for Wearable prototype

Since the launch of LinkIt ONE on Sept.22th , it got pretty fans all over the world . The all-in-One features make arduino-developers , makers ,programmers , wearables enjoyable and amazing .However , one kind of voice is spoken of during these months . Someone work on a proof of concept for some new wearable products and IoT devices and would like to develop a mini prototype using LinkIt ONE for next phrase , miniaturizing the Linkit One board from its current configuration or form factor or foot print to something a little bit more smaller and more easily wearable .Now we have a new LinkIt A-Core Module , it will be suitable to what those guys of wearable prototypes and Mini IoT prototypes want . It can speed up your prototype faster and easier
LinkIt A-Core1
LinkIt A-Core

Awesome Features:

MT2502AV with 32M-Psram and 32M-Flash
RF 7198 High performance RF transmitter
MX25U12835F 16M external Flash
Support quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
48 general purpose digital I/O 
(Need configure)
Bluetooth compatible BR/EDR/BLE
GPS compatible GPS/GNSS (Need GPS module
Clock: 260MHz
Power supply: DC 3V~4.2V
Current: Less than 3mA
Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Bluetooth: 2.0, 2.0EDR, 4.0
Pin number: 86 pins
Size: 19X23X2mm
LinkIt A-Core 2

Does anybody have interest in the smaller LinkIt ONE? It is still under improvement. if someone have any better ideas , join us!

5 thoughts on “Smaller LinkIt ONE for Wearable prototype

  1. Please make a SMALLER VERSION of this module with NO additional 16MB flash!
    Put only MT2502 + 32M Flash and passive components needed for proper work BT & GPRS

    Currently we are working on project of smartwatches / smartband
    I think it will be very useful for other people who are working in this area!

    In this case the board size can be reduced to 12x19mm instead of current 23x19mm
    also board thickness 0.5mm please!

  2. Hey, I was really looking forward to a module version of LinkitOne hardware.
    Why did you drop WiFi? Now its not that interesting. LinkitOne API is very limited to begin with. One cannot do half of the things with that API compared to what one could do with the native/closed API. It was still okay because no other (popular) dev board supported GSM, WiFi, BLE and GPS together. Without the WiFi module, it is now competing with the likes of SIM808 (yes, you can execute code in it and yes it has a more powerful API. The only thing missing is BLE, it has Bluetooth 3.0 though. On second thought, SIM808 is also based on MTK chipset so MTK wins either way.).

    I don’t understand where Mediatek wants to go with this initiative. Does it want to cater to Arduino hipsters who like doing one off blinking LED projects to decorate their tricycles? Or does it want to be the vendor of choice for people who build stuff that sell in the thousands? (won’t say millions, you already have those kind of customers, they are not going to go away but this initiative is clearly not for them).

    I understand why Mediatek has reservations in opening up low level API (especially for GSM) but if you are going cripple the API, the least you can do is not cripple the hardware!

    Hope you would be releasing a version with GSM, BLE, WiFi and GPS very soon.

  3. Bravo, also add to plan energy harvesting shield, micro GPS shield, stackable connectors, lipo battery and charging shield and a shield with Ciseco ARF kind wireless mesh abilities, and a grove shield with on-shield socket for this link-it one version would be great. You will create an eco-system this way.

  4. How about creating two modules, one SMD, another one DIP? The DIP module will be very useful for breadboard rapid prototype

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