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Meet the W600 Module your new goto Wi-Fi solution.

The W600 module features an ARM Cortex-M3 chip running freeRTOS, and it is pre-certified (FCC and CE). With a low-cost and friendly packaging it allows for quick proof of concepts and prototypes to be built, and the real products to be realized with the same module. With the W600 Module, you can scale your projects with confidence.

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Prototype your designs with Grove W600 and Arduino

Grove W600 module

Grove W600

Get early access with the Grove W600 module. This Grove module can quickly add Wi-Fi connectivity to your Arduino compatible systems over a UART connection. But that’s not all - we’ve broken out additional pins of the W600 Module, which means you are able to use it as a Cortex - M3 development board.

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grove w600 module

Plug-and-Play with Arduino

Support for Arduino will be added to the SDK in Q2 2019. This will allow quick development and access to thousands of open source libraires availibe in the Arduino ecosystem

Get Started with Grove Now

  • Arduino IDE Arduino IDE
  • SDK + Tools SDK + Tools

The SDK is being expanded and improved. Arduino is expected in Q2 and MicroPython is expected in Q3.