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Turn your ideas into real products and receive royalties

Licensing is one of the fastest ways to bring your idea to life and get it into the hands of users. By licensing your product, you can allow the licensee (in this case, Seeed Studio) to handle all aspects of manufacturing, marketing, order processing, and distribution while you earn money on every product sold. 

Supporting open-source technology and IoT and providing solutions to the community are some of Seeed Studio’s cornerstone values.

Our community consists of developers and hobbyists using platforms including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NVIDIA Jetson and Seeed products such as LoRaWAN tracker, Seeed Grove modules, XIAO series, Wio-E5, WM1110BeagleBoardGreen, ODYSSEY X86, etc. in fields ranging from IoT, AI, machine learning, smart homes, industry and agriculture, environmental sensing, electronics education and more. 

If your idea resonates with our community’s values and interests, we would love to have you on board!

Why Seeed Studio?


Seeed studio is a trusted name servicing over 180 countries with international distribution channels


15 years of in-house engineering and agile manufacturing expertise, 10+ SMT lines, high-performance supply chain management and expert technical capability. 


Get help with sourcing, cost reduction and product design including Design for Manufacture (DFM) review, market traffic analysis and more. 


100K+ social media followers, 200K newsletter subscribers and product specific channels.

Co-Create Projects We Prefer To License

All licensed projects, whether hardware, software, tutorial or complete product will feature on the Seeed Studio store (Bazaar) individually or with Seeed Studio’s products for sale and you will get a share of the profits. We are looking for unique projects that strongly identify with Seeed Studio’s audience, solve real-life problems, fill a niche and/or spur inspiration and creativity.


Hardware is Seeed Studio’s specialty, with over a decade of manufacturing and product development expertise. Development boards, carrier boards, breakouts, modules and finished products all fit into Seeed Studio Fusion’s manufacturing portfolio.

Products that use XIAO,Wio-WM1110Wio-E5, LoRaWAN tracker and Raspberry Pi devices  are especially welcome and can benefit from engineer support.


Utilize your ability to teach, inspire and share your enthusiasm for the latest open-source technology using Seeed Studio’s products.  

For example, Benjamin Cabé’s Artificial Nose for exploring TinyML with Wio Terminal and Grove modules takes an innovative and creative approach to show how TinyML can be used to solve real-life problems.


Pair your software with Seeed Studio’s hardware to deliver ready-to-deploy solutions to customers worldwide whether you have a unique AI solution or an entirely new platform. 

Focus on software while Seeed Studio provides the hardware such as reComputerreServer, reTerminal and NVIDIA Jetson Carrier boards.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our current sponsorships and events!

How does it work?


Apply for the program

Clients provide product 



Average 1-2 days.


Product Review

If the application has been approved, a contract will be signed with licensor.

Seeed studio will initial the manufacture review.


Average 5-10 days.



Seeed studio will start the manufacture. Time will be determined by the specific product.


Average 25-60 days.


Launch & Marketing

Seeed studio will launch the product officially and work with the licensor on marketing.


Sales and Rebate

Seeed will promote the product across all sales channels and will pay licensor royalty fee quarterly. 

More Success Stories

BeagleBoard Series

Including BeagleBone Black, the most popular member of the open hardware Beagle family. Millions of dollars worth of these products have been sold to date.

RF Explorer

Low-cost, handheld spectrum analyzers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of these products have been sold to date.


Open-Source Quadcopter Drone Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of this product have been sold to date.

Wio-LoRaWAN®️ Field Tester

Plug-and-play, all-in-one LongFi network monitor for the Helium network

Öchìn CM4 Carrier Board

Tiny but powerful CM4 carrier board for Robotics, Drones, Home Automation and IoT.

Artificial Nose Kit and Tutorial

Wio Terminal and Grove module tutorial for exploring with TinyML


Get one-on-one assistance from the Seeed Co-Create Team