Seeed Fusion's Design
for Manufacture
Vital PCB design guidelines and specifications to
help you become a better designer

Seeed is a hardware platform specialising in helping customers develop ideas from concept to prototype to mass production. In a campaign to share its manufacturing and engineering expertise with the open community, Seeed Fusion has released its Design for Manufacture (DFM) publication, free to download and free hard copies to educational institutions.

Seeed's  DFM details specific design parameters and considerations for Printed Circuit Board manufacture including assembly considerations. Suitable for engineers finalising products for mass production or hobbyists beginning their first project, electronic enthusiasts of all levels will find something interesting.

Topics Covered:

- PCB Lamination Structure and Surface Finishes

- Circuit, Solder Mask, Silkscreen and Drill Hole Design Requirements

- Panelization Methods and Panel Design

- PCBA Constructions and Layout Considerations

- Fiducial Mark Design

And more

   What others are saying:
         The SEEED DFM guide is a practical all in one place PCB design for
manufacturing guide - a great resource for beginners and a good set of
helpful tips for experienced designers as well. I look forward to using the
guide as part of my Hands-on electronics class at Rice University.
- Nishant Verma, Rice University lecturer    
            The ebook is very interesting, even if you have never thought about
designing a PCB before.  Just because it makes things more specific. And I
find that the more specific (and practical) information I can get on a subject
I don't know, the easier it becomes.
  - √ėyvind Dahl, Build Electronic Circuits and Ohmify creator    
 "PCB Design For Manufacture" from @seeedstudio is a MUST READ for
anyone who wants to make industrially doable PCBs. It contains also a lot
of PCB industry terminology explained in very simple terms.
- Ahmed Lazreg, Pocket MicroTechnics

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Hard Copies

Teachers and students of educational institutions including Makerspaces and    Hackerspaces may request hard copies of the guide for free.

Just drop us a message at [email protected].

Stay tuned for more Seeed Fusion exclusive content in the near future.

The guide is currently available in English and Japanese but it would be great if it could help more people around the world. If you can help with translations to other languages we would greatly appreciate it. Contributors names will be credited on the cover. Please contact us via [email protected], we look forward to hearing from you!