Your design files should be inside a .rar archive with the following files.
  • 1. 2D drawing. Only accept .pdf, .dwg Including dimension, section, torlerances, roughness.
    Following these ISO rules:
    ISO 128-24:2014 Part 24: Lines on mechanical engineering drawings
    ISO 128-34:2001 Part 34: Views on mechanical engineering drawings
    ISO 128-44:2001 Part 44: Sections on mechanical engineering drawings
    ISO 1302:2002 Indication of surface texture in technical product documentation
    ISO 406:1989 Technical Drawings; Tolerancing Of Linear And Angular Dimension
  • 2. 3D model file. Only accept .STEP
    Following the ISO rule:
    ISO 10303 Product data representation and exchange
  • 3. Document. Only accept .pdf, docx. Including Material preference, surface finish, work environment
    Tip: Every quotation usually takes 2 hours. To save time for both of us, we will reject quotation directly if the files don't meet requirements.

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