2.04 E-Ink Display Shield

This product is discontinued and replaced by Small e-paper Shield
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This product is discontinued and replaced by Small e-paper Shield.

Small e-paper Shield

Do you like Amazon Kindle’s E-paper screen? E-ink Display Shield, an E-paper & shield which uses exactly the same techniques, provides you a smooth and clear reading experience for you. It has a super-low power consumption. It won’t consume power until next refreshing of its screen, which enables it to maintain a clear display even in the power-off state. Users can customize texts and position of the characters displayed .Due to the character chip inside, it knows of 175 countries’ language and their respective characters.
Note: Headers of this product is shipped unsoldered.
  • High resolution

  • Low power consumption

  • Wide viewing angle

  • Four grey level modes

  • Maintains a clear display in the power-off state

  • Supports characters of 175 languages

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Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 36g
Battery Exclude

Part List

2.04 E-Ink Display Shield 1




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