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2.13'' Triple-Color E-Ink Display for Raspberry Pi


This module is high contrast, wide viewing angle triple-color e ink Display for Raspberry Pi which can display the image without electricity.

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This product is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 (1GB, 2GB,4GB) and hopes you enjoy hacking with Pi 4 and all of other Pi 4 accessories.

This module is high contrast, wide viewing angle triple-color e ink Display for Raspberry Pi.  The e-ink screen can customize the picture when it is powered on, the picture will not disappear after power off, and it can be displayed for a long time. The display area of this module is 2.13 inches which contain 212x104 pixels. Each pixel can display red, white and black.

 E-ink screen also known as E-paper screen has lots of advantages compared with traditional backlight display like LCDs. It can display images or words like paper, even without any electricity, the image can last in a long time. Since it does not require a backlight, it can be clearly displayed in direct sunlight with very high contrast and ultra wide viewing angle.

 We've released two e-ink display for Arduino, the Grove - Triple Color E-Ink Display 2.13'' and the Grove - Triple Color E-Ink Display1.54'', today we bring you the 2.13'' Triple-Color E-Ink Display for Raspberry Pi and the 2.7'' Triple-Color E-Ink Display for Raspberry Pi. Actually, they can work as a pi hat, you just need to plug those displays into your Raspberry pi via the Raspberry pi GPIO header. The E-Ink communicates with the Raspberry pi with the 4-wire SPI interface.

 At the same time, we have reserved a Grove I2C interface for using other I2C modules with this screen. We have added a voltage conversion module to the screen so that you can use both 3.3v and 5v modules. And with the two user buttons, you can switch between different images easily.

 In terms of size, this module is more suitable for Raspberry Pi zero, but it is also compatible with other models of Raspberry Pi.



Please note that this product does not contain a Raspberry Pi. If you need one, you can consider our Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+  or Raspberry Pi Zero

If you are interested, you can click on the image below to view the different sizes of Arduino E-Ink or Raspberry Pi E-Ink.

Figure 1. Seeed E-Ink Series


  • High contrast
  • Ultra wide viewing angle
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Compatible with Raspberry pi 2 serial, Raspberry pi 3 serial,Raspberry pi 4 seial and Raspberry pi zero


  • Shelf label
  • Industrial instrument
  • Outdoor display scene
  • Low power display scene

Hardware Overview 


HSCODE 8517180050
USHSCODE 8486400030
EUHSCODE 8471707000



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  1. Product Quality
    from order view
    Works fine with the recommended driver setup.. The device driver is low level C code, that I haven't been able to find the source to. II'd really prefer a Python compatible driver.
  2. Product Quality
    from order view
    Seeed manufactured- I was searching waveshare manufacturer as i could choose between sizes-but this one is good anyways. The flaw is i didn't have much option as usually most items are stock out.


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