4WD Driver Platform V1.0

4WD Driver Platform V1.0

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Special noticed with only 3.3v supported for motor encoder connectors and Grove connectors

The 4WD Driver Platform V1.0 is a multi-purpose, all-in-one development platform based on Intel Edison. It is specially designed for robotics applications. Fully compatible with Arduino open source platform and Linux, supports multiple programming models: Node.js, Python, C/C++, ROS and OpenCV. In addition, users are able to extend this platform with hundreds of existing Seeed Grove modules such as sensors, LEDs, servos and motors easily with 4WD Driver Platform V1.0.

With the integrated 4 way DC motor driver and wireless capabilities, the 4WD Driver Platform V1.0 is a perfect companion for you to enter into the robot world.


  • Support USB to device Uart bridge

  • Support OTG

  • Support SPI program port

  • Support Grove Interface: 1x Uart; 3x I2C

  • Support 4 way encoder motor drive (Peak Current: 3A)

  • Support overcurrent, overloading and short circuit protection function

  • Specfication

  • Motor Driver Constant Current: 4 x 2A

  • Standby Current: < 150mA

  • Output Voltage: 5V/4V/3.3V/1.8V

  • Input Voltage(limits): 6-16V

  • Size: 130mm x 110mm


Low cost

  • Easy to obtain (preferably with all parts in a single kit)

  • Easy to build (solder-free, safe,<30m build time by new users)

  • Easy to modify and extend (hardware and software)


Please visit our wiki page for more information about this product. It will be much appreciated if you can help improve the documents, add more demo codes or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to our Forum.

Technical Details

Dimensions190mm x 120mm x 45mm
WeightG.W 210g    

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4WD Driver Platform V1.01


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    4WD Driver Platform V1.0

    SKU 105090001
    19 Available
    $39.90/ 1pcs+
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