4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit
  • 4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit

4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit

SKU 110070012
  • Built with Mecanum Wheels
  • All wheel drive
  • Omnidirectional transfer ability
  • Load capacity up to 10 Kg
  • High flexibility
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    4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit is a 4 wheel drive mobile platform based on Mecanum wheels. It contains two left mecanum wheels as well as two right mecanum wheels. The four Mecanum wheels are connected to motor separately and controlled independently. Depending on each individual wheel’s direction and speed, the mobile platform can move forward, backward, sideways and any other desired directions or spin. With this kit, you can build your own Omni-directional robot.


    •   • ŸBased on Mecanum Wheels
    •   • ŸEach wheel is driven individually.
    •   • ŸOmnidirectional transfer ability
    •   • ŸHigh load capacity as much as 10 Kg
    •   • ŸExcellent flexibility


    •   • Ÿ1×Chassis
    •   • Ÿ1×Upper Deck
    •   • Ÿ1×Battery Cover
    •   • Ÿ2×Left Mecanum Wheel Φ60mm H32mm
    •   • Ÿ2×Right Mecanum Wheel Φ60mm H32mm
    •   • Ÿ4×DC Motor-25 GA 370 Standard Version
    •   • Ÿ4×Motor Support for DC Motor-25 Series
    •   • Ÿ4×Shaft Connector
    •   • Ÿ8×Set Screw M3×5
    •   • Ÿ4×Screw, Spring Lock Washer and Plain Washer assemblies M4×18
    •   • Ÿ20×Screw, Spring Lock Washer and Plain Washer assemblies M2×8
    •   • Ÿ26×Cross Recessed Pan Head Screw M3×8
    •   • Ÿ16×Cross Recessed Pan Head Screw with Washer M3×8
    •   • Ÿ16×Hexagon Nut M3
    •   • Ÿ5×Hexagon Distance Holder M3×40
    •   • Ÿ4×Hexagon Distance Holder M3×10
    •   • Ÿ4×Hexagon Distance Holder M2×15
    •   • Ÿ6×Hexagon Distance Holder M2×10
    •   • ŸAttention: Battery is not included.


    • You can download the motor Specs here. Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo codes or tutorials. For technical supports, please post your questions at our forum.

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    Hi? How can I operate if? Does it contain source code in it?(If"No") Where can I get a code? (Sorry I am Beginner. ^^)
    on Nov 03,2016
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    Hi,It does not contain a source code.
    on Nov 04,2016 14:01 PM
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