4WD Smart Robot Car 4 Wheel 2 Layer Chassis Kit

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4WD intelligent robot car 4 wheel 2 layer chassis kit is a simple robot car consisting of TT motor, acrylic chassis, M3 screws. It is very easy to build your own car chassis.

With this kit, you can easily DIY robot cars with Arduino, Seeeduino, Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Grove AI HAT, etc. As a development board to control the movement of the car. Of course, you also need to match the motor drive to control the motion of the motor. After completing the basic sports of the car, you can also use other sensors to get external data and design a self-driving car.

Part List

2 x Four-wheeled car chassis (acrylic)

4 x TT Motors

4 x 65MM Wheel

8 x T-type acrylic parts

16 x M3*25 Screw

16 x M3 Screw Nut

8 x Connecting wire (4 Red and 4 black)

1 x Battery case(Can hold 4 5th batteries)

1 x Rocker switch

6 x 30MM Copper column

2 x Code wheel


HSCODE 9023009000
USHSCODE 90230000
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