MR60FDA1 60GHz mmWave Sensor - Fall Detection Pro Module | FMCW, Sync Sense, Privacy Protect, high stability, support secondary development

60GHz mmWave Radar Sensor - Fall Detection Module Pro applies FMCW detected theory to implement simultaneous human activities detection including moving, falling, and stationary in high accuracy, providing a fully total private and secure environment, independently from other noisy influences. It is a standard biotic radar system in private property surveillance, falling caution, elderly health care, performing well in home, hotel, as well as hospital.




  • Because the detection mechanism is Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave mechanism, theoretically there will be no interference of the same frequency. However, it is highly recommended to have at least 1m installation spacing that radar sensor does not face each other, to avoid interference.
  • We have provided upper computer for you to utilize radar directly. Enjoy it!


  • Enabled theory: Implement radar detection based on 60GHz FM continuous wave signals
  • Enhanced detecting algorithm: Sense and output simultaneously human activities including moving, falling, and stationary in the self-adaption environment
  • Perfect privacy protection: Apply FMCW monitoring technology to provide surveillance capabilities without identification
  • Health-friendly working status: Output power as low as harmless to the human body
  • High stability: Independ from temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, and other environmental influences
  • High measured accuracy: Achieve fall detection accuracy up to 90% and achieve presence awareness function accuracy up to 90 %
  • High flexibility hardware design radar: Support secondary development, adapt to various scenarios applications


The 60GHz mmWave Radar Sensor - Fall Detection Module Pro implements human activities detection including moving, falling, and stationary based on 60GHz Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave(FMCW) detected theory, providing a fully private and secure environment, independently from other noisy influences. Additionally, with built-in a standard algorithm and onboard antenna, the unit ensures simultaneous signal output with high accuracy. It represents an ideal solution for high-accurate, self-regulation, privacy-protected, secure biotic radar systems in private property surveillance, falling caution, elderly health care, performing well in home, hotel, as well as hospital.


In comparison to 24 GHz mmWave fall detection radar sensors, 60 GHz sensors gather richer point-cloud data for being more sensitive, reducing more errors to improve accuracy in a conceivable way. In particular, fine velocity resolution enables better tracking of lateral movements to allow more stable detection of moving objects. Hence, 60 GHz radar sensors offer as much as 2.5 times better velocity resolution performance than 24 GHz. Meanwhile, because the range resolution is heavily dependent on available bandwidth, 60 GHz mmWave fall detection radar sensors will offer significantly better performance than the 24 GHz ones in high-accuracy and reliable human activities identification, particularly fall detection. Compare to 1T1R(1 transmit 1 receive) as 24 GHz radar sensors, 60 GHz offers 1T3R, with FMCW theory, mounting antenna on the module, showcasing the real professional.

The 60GHz mmWave Radar Sensor - Fall Detection Module Pro leverages the fine performance of 60 GHz FMCW and utilizes an intelligent processing algorithm to achieve the high-accuracy output, as 90% of fall detection and 90% of presence awareness function. Furthermore, the radar can be independent from temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, and other environmental influences. Designed as low power output, the radar maintains health-friendly working status while it is observed. For privacy protection, the radar provides a perfect solution that applies FMCW monitoring technology to equip surveillance capabilities without identification.


The radar supports secondary development and it adapts to various scenarios and applications. Using a universal UART communication interface provides an extra common protocol as 4 groups of I\O are reserved by the user’s definition. The detected area is a three-dimensional sector of 80° horizontally and 80° tilted and the measured distance is between 0.4-2 m.


Detection angle and distance

Content Minimum Typical Maximum Units Typical Units
Radius of movement of people detection [1] 6 metre
Fall monitoring radius [2] 2.5 metre
Radar detection angle (horizontal) 100 degeree
Radar detection angle (pitch) 100 degree
Note: [1][2] Radar hang height 2.8 m, radius of radar projection.

Electrical characteristics

Content Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Operating voltage (VCC) 4.5 5 6 V
Operating current (ICC) 90 93 100 mA
Operating temperature (TOP) -20 - 60 °C
Storage temperature (TST) -40 - 80 °C

RF performance

Operating frequency (fTX) 58 - 63.5 GHz
Transmitted power (Pout) - - 6 dBm

Usage Method

24GHz and 60GHz Radar Sensors Comparison


24GHz Radar Sensors

60 GHz Radar Sensors
Frequency 24 GHz 60 GHz
Theory Doppler FMCW
Antenna 1T1R 1T3R
Position Detection - Yes
Point-Cloud Data - ****
Velocity Resolution ** ****
Range Resolution ** ****
Precision *** ****


  • Smart home
  • Health care
  • Fall detection
  • Smart hotel
  • Medical assistants

Part List

60GHz mmWave Radar Sensor - Fall Detection Module Pro x1


HSCODE 8526109090
USHSCODE 8526921000



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