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Bridge between 96Boards and Groves,18Grove Connectors Arduino compatible, Integrated ATMEGA328p 2*SPI,LED, UART,USB-UART connector
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The 96Boards Sensors Mezzanine adapter makes it simple and easy to connect sensors and devices to any 96Boards-compatible base board. With it you can connect your favourite Grove modules and Arduino compatible shields and interface to software running on the 96Boards baseboard. It provides everything you need to start experimenting and prototyping on the 96Boards platform.

On the board you will find sockets for 18 Grove modules, an Arduino-compatible shield socket, and two SPI headers. It also includes an ATMega328 microcontroller which can be programmed from the Arduino IDE and will run most Arduino UNO sketches unchanged. The shield connector and 10 of the Grove sockets are controlled by the microcontroller, while the remaining 8 Grove sockets are controlled directly by the baseboard. This makes it a flexible prototyping platform which supports both direct control of devices from application software, and offload to a microcontroller. It also provides a USB-UART interface to access the baseboard’s serial console.

The Sensors board attached on top of a 96Boards CE or EE edition board using the 40pin low-speed expansion connector.

Please note: A 96Boards baseboard is not included.

This board has been tested and works with the Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c and the LeMaker HiKey boards.


  • Integrated ATMEGA328p microcontroller (Arduino compatible)

  • 18 Grove connectors

    • http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_System

    • 5x baseboard GPIO ports

    • 5x I2C ports (1 for baseboard, 2 for microcontroller)

    • 5 digital ports (for microcontroller)

    • 3x analog ports (for microcontroller)

  • 2x SPI connectors (1 to baseboard, 1 to microcontroller)

  • Arduino UNO compatible shield connectors

  • LED: Power, Reset, 2x baseboard GPIO, 1x microcontroller IO

  • UART interface between baseboard and microcontroller

  • USB-UART connector for baseboard console and control

Part List

  • 1x 96Boards Sensors Board

  • 4x M2.5 8mm nylon spacer

  • 4x M2.5 nylon screw

Getting Started Guide

Schematic: https://github.com/96boards/96boards-sensors/raw/master/Sensors.pdf

Design Files: https://github.com/96boards/96boards-sensors

For any technical support or suggestion, please kindly go to our forum.

Technical details

Dimensions 140mm x135mm x19mm
Weight G.W 34g
Battery Exclude

Part List

96Boards Sensors 1


HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8471500150
UPC 841454117520
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  • Is there a board definition for this that can be used in the Arduino IDE? I have tried the “Seeeduino V3.0 (Atmega328P)” and “Seeeduino V4 (Atmega328P)” with no luck.
    Question by: John Walsh on 2019-03-17 03:10:44

    Hi John, You should use Arduino UNO, and you need to do some configuration. For more detail, please check here: https://www.96boards.org/blog/use-arduino-ide-sensors-mezzanine-board-linux/

    Answer by: admin on 2019-03-18 10:12:24