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  • Affordable Education Robot
  • Graphic programming
  • Multicolor LED
  • Multi function sensors inside
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    AERobot (Affordable Education Robot) is a simple low-cost robot for introductory programming and robotics education. It provides a wide range of sensors and abilities, controlled by an intuitive graphical programming environment, all for a fraction of the cost of other educational robots.

    AERobot is intended for students around middle school age. No previous robotics or programming experience is required. A moderate level of comfort with technology is suggested for teachers.

    Every student should have their own robot!


    • Sensors provide abilities like obstacle detection and ranging, line-following, and light orientation, making it suitable for a variety of activities like maze-solving

    • Movement on flat surfaces

    • Multicolor LED

    • Low cost makes it feasible for all students to have, and personalize, their own robot

    • Plugs directly into USB port for programming and charging -- no separate cable required

    • Hardware and programming environment are both open-source

    Part List

    Each kit is complete with a robot chassis, materials to attach a"foot"(plastic pad, standoffs, screws; takes 1 minute and requires no tools), and a rechargeable battery.


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