ARTIK 053 Starter Kit

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We’ve built the Samsung ARTIK 053 Starter Kit to speed development of your Internet of Things (IoT) project. Powered either with a Micro-USB connector attached to your development computer or a dedicated 5-12VDC power supply (not included), the Starter Kit includes:

•One ARTIK 053 module, mounted to an interposer board

•One ARTIK Starter Board


•Easy onboarding to ARTIK Cloud with our mobile reference app

•Arduino-form factor interface headers

•Expanded GPIO headers with exposed SPI and UARTs

•Onboard reset and Arduino reset buttons

•Onboard test buttons and LEDs (two each)

•Micro-USB connector for power and programming

•JTAG header (1.27mm pitch; cable sold separately)

Development environment

Host machine – Linux – Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or Later, Windows 7, 8

Tools – ARTIK IDE, GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain – includes GCC C/C++ compiler, libraries and cross compiler to Linux – (arm-none-eabi-gcc-4.9), OpenOCD for debugging

Technical details

Dimensions 130mm x115mm x35mm
Weight G.W 168g
Battery Exclude

Part List

ARTIK 053 module 1
ARTIK Starter Board 1


HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8517700000


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