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Allpixel Mini

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Compatible will all the popular LED strip chipsets Control from nearly anything that has a USB port Supports Python via the BilbioPixel library Drive up to 700 pixels
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USB controller for all major programmable RGB LED strips with on-board power jack.

New Version! The AllPixel Mini features the same awesome LED Control functionality in a smaller package and with no extra soldering required!

Things to note with the new version:

  • No Soldering Required - All parts come pre-soldered

  • Smaller Size - 1.6 x 1.2 inches (40.6 x 30.5 mm)

  • 100% Backwards Compatible: Any code written for the AllPixel will run on the Mini version

  • USB Micro Connector: More common connector

The AllPixel Mini provides easy USB control of all the major programmable LED strip types. It is compatible with Linux (including the Raspberry Pi), Mac, and Windows platforms, and is capable of driving up to 700 LEDs at high frame rates. Multiple AllPixel Minis can be linked in software to act as one larger display.

Our robust, Python-based software library BiblioPixel supports the AllPixel Mini and allows for animation creation and control. Since it's Python-based, interfacing the AllPixel Mini to your existing projects is greatly simplified.

Features and Supported LED Chipsets

  • Compatible will all the popular LED strip chipsets, including: LPD8806, WS2801, WS2811/WS2812 (NeoPixel), WS2811 400kHz, APA102 (DotStar), TM1809, TM1803, TM1804, UCS1903, P9813, SM16716, LPD1886

  • Easy to use. No need to worry about chipset protocols, level shifters, or power. Just plug in, connect your LEDs, set the chipset in code and go!

  • Control from nearly anything that has a USB port and supports Python via the BilbioPixel library.

  • Drive more than 700 pixels with multiple AllPixel Minis acting as one (a feature of BiblioPixel).

  • Supports powering 5V or 12V LED types via the on-board DC barrel jack (5A max current).

  • Drive a handful of LEDs directly from USB power by installing the included protection diode.

  • Our Animations Library provides examples and gets you up and running quickly.


Due to the connector change, a USB cable is NOT included.

Check us out at or more info, project updates, and other cool stuff!

Technical details

Dimensions 120mm x80mm x15mm
Weight G.W 12.5g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Allpixel Mini 1


HSCODE 9405990000
USHSCODE 8473301140
UPC 841454120483
EUHSCODE 8473302000
RoHS 1




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  1. Product Quality
    Works as described, makes led strip operation easy
    Rgb LEDs can be temperamental with different libraries and code, GPIO pins, level shifting all that.
    Sometimes the strips may just not work with your desired application, in my case lightshowpi. No amount of configuring can beat the simple use of specifying that an allpixel is to be used, the device Id and bibliopixel code just work.

    It also has other useful features, out of the box, I think before it does configuration and communicates with the library, it will default to turning all the lights connected on, so testing doesn't even require a controller, just a usb connection to power or through the dc barrel jack.
    It also has feedback to check new connections are stable, the first pixel on a new strip connected will flash once as confirmation.

    if you have a project using something like the ws2812, this device will interact with software much easier. Im not great with the coding, and I do have another device where a ws2812 runs fine without the allpixel so it's not like it's a prerequisite, but for a simpler setup where you just define allpixel, and the arrangement of pixels, this is what you want.

    Seeed studio also have good customer service, though I had an issue with an order being dispatched, once they realised the issue it was fixed


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