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      Arch Max v1.1
      • Arch Max v1.1
      • Arch Max v1.1
      • Arch Max v1.1
      • Arch Max v1.1
      • Arch Max v1.1

      Arch Max v1.1

      SKU 102110014
      • Mbed enabled
      • Online development tools
      • Drag-and-drop programming
      • USB serial communication
      • On-board programming and debug
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        The Arch Max v1.1 is a mbed enabled development board specially for rapid prototyping. It's based on an STM32F407VET6 microcontroller with an ARM Cortex-M4F core running at 168MHz. It provides serial wire debug](SWD) debug, drag-and-drop programming and USB serial communication. It provides a complete and straightforward development document for your projects.


        • mbed enabled

        • Online development tools(include IDE)

        • Complete and straightforward C/C++ SDK

        • ŸMassive examples and tutorials

        • ŸHigh-performance STM32F407VET6

        • ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with FPU of 168MHz

        • 512 KB Flash memory, 192 KB RAM

        • On-board programming and debug

        • ŸDrag-and-drop programming

        • USB serial communication

        • SWD debug with GDB+ pyOCD/OpenOCD, Keil or IAR

        • ŸArduino form factor, compatible with lots of shields

        • Built-in Ethernet port, USB and SD card slot for Internet connectivity and data exchange


        • Work Voltage: 5V

        • Microcontroller: STM32F407VET6

        • Flash Memory: 512kB

        • RAM: 192kB

        • UART: 4

        • I2C: 3

        • SPI: 3

        • CAN: 2

        • SDIO: 1

        • Camera interface: 1

        • ŸEth: 1

        • ADC Channels: 8

        • I/O pins: 40

        • Digital I/O Max Input Voltage: 5.0V

        • Diameter: 90mm x 44mm


        • For libraries and documents, please visit our Wikipage.

        • For projects that you would like to share with the community, please visit Recipe.

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