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Thinking about using Arduino to automate your home? Do it easily with our compatible board! The Automation Board is 100% compatible with the Arduino Uno
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Thinking about using Arduino to automate your home? Do it easily with our compatible board! The Automation Board is 100% compatible with the Arduino Uno. This way it allows the enjoyment of all the easy programming and libraries that Arduino provides. It's a strong and versatile board, with multiples resources to develop a fully automation system. The Automation Board dispenses the use of power sources.


  • Onboard Power Supply

    Thanks to a power source soldered onto the board itself, it is supplied directly from the electrical grid with voltages between 100 to 240VAC and 50 or 60Hz making it adaptable to any electrical grid around the world.

  • Relay Triggering

    The Automation Board has 4 relays to trigger alarms, electronic locks, fans, lamps and any other compatible charge.

  • Sensoring

    The pins that are ready to connect your sensors, can be digital or analog, including 5v and GND, making the connections easy and organized. You will be able to connect several kinds of sensors such as temperature, humidity, or like this example, motion .

    You can connect an infrared receiver and use it to create a communication with any remote control like the one you use for your TV.

  • Internet Connection

    The Automation Board, like the Arduino, allows you to use shields. You can also use minishields for Garagino like this Mini Ethernet Shield.

  • RS-485 Communication

    Also it's possible to make an RS-485 connection through the Automation Board, allowing applications in industrial automation systems or in some places that has electromagnetic interference. You will even be able to use specific programs to control professional automation systems.

  • Wireless Communication

    Through the dedicated headers for XBee modules you will be able to connect as many Automation Boards as you wish to a network, or even a wireless connection with a PC through a simple Dongle USB for XBee.


Technical Specs

  • Microcontroller: Atmel ATmega328P-PU (DIP)

  • Bootloader: Optiboot (same as Arduino UNO)

  • Relays: 100V/10A - 250V/7A

  • Power Supply: 100 - 240Vac

  • Digital Circuit Operating Voltage: 5V

  • Internal voltage regulator and logic converter for XBee modules

  • Digital I/O Pins: 14 (D0~D8 Reserved / D9~D13 Free)

  • Analog Input Pins: 6 (A0 and A1 Reserved /A2~A5 Free)

  • Dimensions: 130 x 112 x 26mm - 5,1 x 4,4 x 1'' (LengthxWidthxHeight)

Part List

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Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 186g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 8538900000






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