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B-Squares is a 3D modular electronics system with an emphasis on solar power and expandable energy storage, enabling the hobbyist to prototype clean-tech and Arduino inventions faster than ever before.
The Squares have magnetic contacts on each corner which allow them to easily snap together without wires. These magnetic contacts are also used to transmit electric signals between the Squares. This design allows users to quickly assemble Squares into arrays, with power flowing through the array, without wiring or soldering. The LED-Square includes three multi-colors Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
  • In one orientation the LED-Square will be activated with White LEDS. With a 90 degree rotation the LED-Square will be activated with the Red-Blue-Green (RGB) LEDs.
  • To adjust the overall color of the RGB LEDs, remove the top cover as instructed below and adjust the three (3) potentiometers, labeled "Red", "Blue", and "Green" to get the desired color.
  • High strength magnetic contacts.
  • 3 Bright White LEDs.
  • 3 RGB LEDs.
  • User selectable RGB color combinations
Absolute Maximum Ratings
  • Contact voltage............................. -5V to 5V
  • Temperature.................................. -20°C to 45°C

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 55g
Battery Exclude


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