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      BLE Nitrogen
      • BLE Nitrogen
      • BLE Nitrogen

      BLE Nitrogen

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      The BLE Nitrogen is joint efforts by 96Boards and Seeed, aims to provide economic and compact BLE solutions for IoT projects
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      The BLE Nitrogen is joint efforts by 96Boards and Seeed, aims to provide economic and compact  BLE solutions for IoT projects.

      96Boards is produced by Linaro, a nonprofit oganization cofunded  by famous companies including ARM, IBM、Samsung、ST-Ericsson and TI. It is the first open specification to define a platform for the delivery of compatible low-cost, small footprint 32-bit and 64-bit Cortex-A boards from the range of ARM SoC vendors. By standardizing expansion buses for peripheral I/O, display and cameras, it allows the hardware ecosystem to develop a range of compatible add-on products that will work on any 96Boards product over the lifetime of the platform.

      BLE Nitrogen is the kind of boards that uses software platform from 96Boards while the hardware from Seeed, it also uses the Nordic bluetooth solution. With the widely used open specification and strong manufacturing background from 96Boards and Seeed, BLE Nitrogen must be one of the best BLE solutions for IoT project.


      • nRF52832 microcontroller with 512kB Flash, 64kB ram

      • USB power supply with fuse protect

      • Battery management

      • ŸOn board battery charger

      • ŸBattery connector

      • ŸBattery charge indicate LED

      • LPC11U35 on board SWD debugger

      • BLE power consumption measurement

      • 7 LEDs

        Ÿ   USR1, BT, PWR, CDC, DAP, MSD, Battery charge

      • Two push buttons

        Ÿ   USR and RESET(also for LPC11U35 firmware upgrade)

      • SWD debug connectors

        Ÿ   nRF52832 SWD connector

        Ÿ   nRF52832 Uart connector

      • On board chip antenna

      • 1.8V work voltage

      • 2x20pin 2.0mm pitch Low speed connector

      • Fully compatible with 96Boards IoT standards


      This product is desiged by 96 boards, For any technical support or suggestion, please kindly go to their forum .

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