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Bit:Bot - Robot Kit for Micro:Bit

Fully-integrated robot for the micro:bit
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Fully-integrated robot for the micro:bit.

This (almost) ready-assembled robot requires no soldering, no wires and nothing more than a screwdriver to complete it.

The Bit:Bot fully engages children and adults alike, allowing you to explore and code the micro:bit using any of the languages available (not all features are supported in all languages).


  • 2 micro-metal gear motors. Both fully controllable in software, for both speed (0 to 100%) and direction (forward or reverse)

  • Wheels with rubber tyres for maximum grip

  • Really smooth metal ball front caster

  • 12 mini neopixels in 2 sets of 6 along the arms either side. Select any colour for any pixel, produce stunning lighting effects as your Bit:Bot moves around

  • 2 digital line-following sensors. Code your own line-following robots and race them to see whose code produces the fastest lap time!

  • 2 analog light sensors (front left and front right) so your Bit:Bot can be programmed to follow a light source such as a torch, or you could code it to go and hide in the darkest place it can find

  • Buzzer, so you can make beeping sounds whenever you want

  • Powered from integrated 3xAA battery holder with on/off switch and blue indicator LED

  • Easily plug your micro:bit in and out using the edge connector

  • Expansion connections at the front for additional sensors (ultrasonic rangefinder available now, more in development)

Includes an ultrasonic distance sensor (rangefinder) module.

Note: micro:bit is NOT included!

Technical details

Dimensions 188mm x123mm x24mm
Weight G.W 153g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Driver Board (assembled motor) 1
wheel 2
bettery case 1
nuts 4
screws 4
Ultra Sonic range module 1
Omni-directional wheel kit 1


HSCODE 9023009000




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