Bus Blaster v4
  • Bus Blaster v4
  • Bus Blaster v4
  • Bus Blaster v4
  • Bus Blaster v4

Bus Blaster v4

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  • An experimental, high-speed JTAG debugger
  • Compatible with many different JTAG debugger types
  • ships with JTAGkey compatible buffer image pre-programmed
  • Support Serial Wire Debug when available
  • Open Source
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    Bus Blaster v4 is an experimental, high-speed JTAG debugger from Dangerous Prototypes.

    Thanks to a reprogrammable buffer, a simple update over USB makes Bus Blaster compatible with many different JTAG debugger types in the most popular open source software.

    • Based on FT2232H with high-speed USB 2.0

    • Buffered interface works with 3.3volt to 1.8volt targets

    • Reprogrammable buffer is compatible with multiple debugger types

    • Compatible with 'jtagkey', 'KT-link' programmer settings in OpenOCD, urJTAG, and more

    • ships with JTAGkey compatible buffer image pre-programmed

    • Should support Serial Wire Debug when available

    • Mini-CPLD development board: self programmable, extra CPLD pins to header

    • Open source (CC-BY-SA)

      • Bus Blaster Manual

      • Bus Blaster design overview

      • Bus Blaster forum

      • CPLD buffer logic overview

      • V4 uses a larger CPLD than previous versions. It can now support the SWV feature of Cortex microcontroller for advance debugging when software support is available

      • ŸSWV is little used and not currently supported in software, most users will be better off with Bus Blaster v3 available here

      • Fitted in a DP9056 (90x56 mm) standard PCB

      • Added series resistors to input and output pins to protect against damage and noise

    Updates in v4:

    Each unit is tested before it ships.

    This open source hardware and software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


    This product is designed by Dangerous, If you encounter any problems when using this product, please request technical support in the forum.

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