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The ChromaTab is a tiny, Arduino compatible, a board that can be soldered directly onto a WS2812B intelligent LED strip
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The ChromaTab is a tiny, Arduino compatible, a board that can be soldered directly onto a WS2812B intelligent LED strip.

Based on the Arduino ProMini and built around a ATMEGA329P, the ChromaTab is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and can be easily updated or customised with new sketches. Sketches can be uploaded via a USB to serial converter. The firmware is based around the Adafruit Neopixel library and so new animations and effects can easily be created.

Measuring just 10mm in width, the ChromaTab can easily fit into the tight spaces you may want to fit lengths of WS2812B strip. The extruded aluminium profiles you can get for mounting LED lighting is one such place you may want to fit these strips with a ChromaTab.

As well as the 3 castellated pads, with a 2.54mm pitch, all the other pin are broken out with 1.27mm pitch holes arranged in 2x 10 way rows, 1x ISP 6 way row and 1x Serial 5 way row.

Included with the board are 2x 10 way, 1x 6 way and 1x 5 way male 1.27mm pitch pin headers

This small pitch allows for systems that need to be kept small and compact. As well as the supplied headers you could also solder standard (1.27mm) ribbon cable directly to the through holes.

There will soon be some add-on boards (Tags) that will be designed to fit on to the 2 10 way headers. These Tags will provide functions such as a USB to serial converter and a VUmeter.


  • Tiny form factor just 10mm x 43mm
  • ATMEGA328p microcontroller
  • 3 Castellated pads for soldering directly onto WS2812B strips
  • 2 Buttons
  • All Arduino Uno/Mini pins broken out
  • 5v on board regulator, can be run at down to 5v due to very low drop out.


  • Microcontroller: Atmel ATmega328P in MLF-28pin package
  • Input Voltage: 5V to 7V
  • Operating Current: Approx 90mA average during normal operation  Max. 300mA
  • Current per I/O pin: 40mA
  • Clock speed: Microcontroller 16MHz
  • SRAM: 2 KB
  • EEPROM: 1 KB
  • Flash Memory: 32 KB
  • Digital I/O pins: 14 ( of which 6 are PWM )
  • Analog Input pins: 6

Part List

  • 1 x ChromaTab V1 board
  • 2 x 10 way 1.27mm pitch male pin headers
  • 1 x 6 way 1.27mm pitch male pin headers
  • 1 x 5 way 1.27mm pitch male pin headers



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