Crazyflie Qi 1.2 wireless charging deck

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Need to charge your Crazyflie 2.X without connecting the micro-USB cable? Then the Qi 1.2  charging deck is a great option. It supports the same Qi standard as mobile phones up to 1A at 5V.



  • Compatible with the WPC v1.2 Qi standard
  • Automatic detection of expansion board using 1-wire memory



  • Designed for mounting under the Crazyflie
  • 1-wire memory for automatic expansion board detection
  • Supports the Qi wireless charging standard (WPC v1.2 Qi)
  • Can supply up to 1A at 5V
  • Based on the TI BQ51013B


Mechanical specifications

    • Weight: 5.0g
    • Size (WxHxD): 30x30x5mm


Part List

1 x Crazyflie Qi 1.2 wireless charging deck


HSCODE 8504909090
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