Temperature-Humidity Sensor-AM2311A (Upgraded Version of DHT22)


AM2311A is an upgraded version of AM2311, AM2311 is a capacitor chip AM2311A inside is a car-level integrated chip. This is a stable temperature and humidity sensor module.

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AM2311A Digital Temperature and Humidity Module is a temperature and humidity composite sensor with its calibrated digital signal output. It applies special digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology, to ensure that the product has high reliability and excellent long-term stability. Each sensor is calibrated in an extremely accurate humidity calibration laboratory. Calibration coefficients are stored in the form of program in the single-chip computer. These calibration coefficients are called in the process of processing the detection signal inside the sensor. Standard single bus interface makes system integration easy and fast. Standard single bus interface makes system integration easy and fast. Ultra-small size, very low power consumption, Signal transmission distance can reach more than 20 meters. Products are cited as 3Wire (single bus interface) the connection is convenient. You can download the Datasheet

Application scope

An HVAC system, dehumidifier, test, and inspection equipment, consumer goods, automobiles, automatic control, data recorder, weather, household appliances, humidity regulation, medical and other related temperature and humidity detection and control.

Electric specification

Parameter Condition  Min  Typical  Max  Unit
Supply Voltage   3.3 5 5.5 V
Power-consumption Sleep 2 15   μA
measuring   1200   μA
Average   600   μA
Low level output voltage I OL 0   300 mV
High level output voltage Rp <25 KΩ 90%   100% VDD
Low level input voltage Decline 0   30% VDD
High level input voltage Rise 70%   100% VDD
RPU VDD = 5V            VIN = VSS 1 5.1 100
Output current Open   8   mA
(turn off)
10 20   μA
Sampling period   2     S

1 Normal working scope:0 - 80% RH. Sensor reading will have deviated if beyond this range,(drift < 3% RH after 200 hours at 90% RH humidity).The working scope is further limited to - 40– 80℃.
2 This precision is the test precision of the sensor with 5V voltage at 25℃ excluding hysteresis and nonlinearity, and only suitable for non-condensation conditions.
3 The time required to reach 63% of the first-order response under the conditions of 25℃ and 1 m/s airflow.
4 If the sensor is surrounded by volatile solvents, irritating tapes, adhesives, and packaging materials, the reading may be higher. For more information, please refer to the relevant documents.
5 The minimum and maximum power consumption are based on the conditions of VDD = 5 V and T < 60 ℃. The average value is value measured every two seconds.
6 Low level output current
7 Represents pull up resistance.
8 The response time depends on the thermal conductivity of the sensor substrate.


Sensor performance

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1 x AM2311A


HSCODE 9025800000
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