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SKU 109990075
  • An open source USB-based oscilloscope
  • Pocket size (101mm*74mm*16mm)
  • Experiments, electronics maintenance, academic and engineering task
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DSCope is an open source USB-based oscilloscope. It's specially designed for makers with professional specifications and an affordable price. DSCope can be used in academic, experiment, electronics maintenance, engineering task etc.


DSCope has a pocket size (101mm*74mm*16mm), which make it to be an ideal replacement to clunky traditional oscilloscope, and help you to save a big area for your working desktop.


DSCope works with your PC, MAC or even windows tablet through USB interface, which bring a big screen oscilloscope to you without any extra cost.




  • Open source

  • Unibody aluminum shielded case

  • Auto zero skew adjustment

  • upgradable Hardware

  • Advanced digital trigger

  • Deep sample depth 

  • USB interface, USB powered

  • Two channels

  • Signal Generator



  • Analog Bandwidth: 50MHz

  • Max Sample rate: 200MHz @ 1 Channel / 100MHz @ 2 Channels

  • Max Sample Depth: 1M(real-time mode) / 16M(single mode)

  • Coupling: AC / DC / Ground

  • Input Characteristics: 1MΩ // ~15 pF

  • Protected Voltage: ±100 V (DC+AC peak)

  • Vertical Sensitivity: 10mV/div ~ 2V/div (x1) / 100mV/div ~ 20V/div (x10)

  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 10nS/div ~ 10S/div

  • Triggering Mode: Auto, Single, And, Or

  • Rising/Falling Edge trigger

  • Vertical precise, horizontal precise measurement

  • Waveform functions auto measurement: max, min, frequency, period

  • Support OS: windows, Linux, OS X

  • Dimension: 101 x 74 x 16 mm


Part List:

  • DSCope: x 1

  • USB cable: x 1

  • P6100 probes: x 2

  • Adjustment tool: x 1








For technical support and suggestions, please visit our forum.

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Purchased this for my 23 year old daughter in the butterscotch color. Great versatile color. She loves the size -- perfect for day or going out at night. Chain can be double to shorten for nighttime and left long to wear as a crossbody during the day.
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