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      DVK570 Shield for Cubietruck

      DVK570 Shield for Cubietruck

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      DVK570 is an expansion board designed for Cubietruck, integrates various components and interfaces for connecting external accessory boards. It's ideal for Cubietruck evaluation and development.



      Cubietruck connector
      UART0 interface: for connecting serial debugging module
      I2C interface: easily connects to I2C modules such as PCF8563 RTC Module, MAG3110 Board, etc.
      TVIN interface: video input
      TVOUT interface: video CVBS output, for connecting display devices like TV
      LINEIN interface: audio input
      USB interface: USB TO UART (PL2303TA)
      UART interface: easily connects to UART modules such as RS485 Board (3.3V), GPS module, etc.
      SPI interface: easily connects to SPI modules such as AT45DBXX Dataflash, etc.
      ZigBee connector: for connecting ZigBee modules like Core2530, supports working with ZB501
      ONE-WIRE interface: easily connects to ONE-WIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20), electronic registration number (DS2401), etc.
      12.5V/3.3 V power input/output: usually used as power output, also common-grounding with other user board
      PL2303TA: onboard USB TO UART convertor
      12M crystal: for PL2303TA
      User LEDs: 4 colorful LEDs
      Power indicator
      AD keys: 7 common Android keys
      ONE-WIRE jumper
      Buzzer jumper
      AD Keysjumper
      User LEDs jumper
      TVIN jumper
      TVOUT jumper
      UART0 jumper
      For jumpers above:
      • • short the jumper to connect to I/Os used in example code
      • • open the jumper to connect to other custom pins via jumper wires
      • 1x DVK 570 board

      Technical Details

      Dimensions160mm x 175mm x 20mm
      WeightG.W 62g    


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        DVK570 Shield for Cubietruck

        SKU 103110001
        13 Available
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