Danger Shield Complete kits

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The Danger Shield is an add-on for the [Arduino] micro controller board
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The Danger Shield is an add-on for the [Arduino] micro controller board. It contains a variety of fun and useful electronic circuits that you can use to do fun and useful things. It is a fully self-contained shield. You plug it into your Arduino, and you can immediately start using it. No extra things to hook up, no external components. Just a really rad board ready to rock.

Some of the features of the board are:

  • 3 x linear sliders w/ integrated LEDs (each independently hooked up to PWM)

  • 03 x pushbuttons

  • 2 x indicator LEDs (each with a PWM)

  • 1 x piezo buzzer (for making noise!)

  • 1 x temperature sensor

  • 1 x light sensor

  • 1 x knock sensor

  • 1 x 7 segment LED (with shift register)

  • power LED and reset button

Technical details

Dimensions 125mm x85mm x16mm
Weight G.W 60g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Danger Shield Complete kits 3
pushbutton 3
indicator LED 2
piezo buzzer 1
temperature sensor 1
light sensor 1
knock sensor 1
7 segment LED 1


HSCODE 9023009000
UPC 841454110538

Danger Shield Complete kits

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