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This development kit allows the user to implement and test several sensing applications at the 24 GHz ISM band such as Doppler based movement detection, Doppler based direction of movement detection, and Doppler based speed measurements of targets. The kit consists of the BGT24LTR11 transceiver MMIC and a XMC1300 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 for signal processing and communication via USB. 

Kit contains:

  • Demo board
  • User manual
  • SW GUI to operate kit
  • Precompiled C libraries provided
  • PCB schematic and gerber files


Summary of Features:

  • Capability to detect motion, speed and direction of movement (approaching or retreating)
  • BGT24LTR11 - 24 GHz highly integrated RF MMIC
  • XMC1300 ARM® - Cortex® - M4 - 32-bit industrial microcontroller (requires external debugger)
  • Integrated antennas


Target Applications:

  • Security
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Smart home
  • Automatic door opener
  • Intelligent switches
  • Speed measurement
  • Health (vital sensing)


HSCODE 9031900090
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