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Product Features:

•  Adopt the latest streamlined design, the appearance of the whole machine is integration, the upper, middle and lower can be arbitrarily disassembled and assembled to facilitate customers upstairs and downstairs, all configuration interface using plug-in type, to facilitate future maintenance.

•  Built-in rotating flywheel, free to transfer. Without trouble by power outages, making the temperature of the heating zone fully radiating, the thermal expansion coefficient of the stainless steel mesh belt are same, effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

•  Alarm protection function, independent temperature zone protection device. When the temperature is ultra-high or ultra-low, the alarm signal light would send the information to the intelligent temperature controller, let it do automatically temperature self-preparation.

•  The biggest feature of this machine is power saving. Adopting imported intelligent temperature controller and unique PID digital fuzzy control function, can make the machine reach the setting temperature (accuracy within 1 ℃), when the real-time temperature reaches the setting temperature, the temperature control can enter the power saving mode, which greatly save production costs.

•  Heating Element: Vacuum Super-long Life Ni-Cr Heater.

•  Heating Method: Turbocharged full hot air temperature zone independent cycle forced heating, heating quickly, saving energy.

•  Control Mode: The operation panel button + microcomputer intelligent meter PID closed-loop control / touch screen control.

•  Touch screen control type with a set of temperature recording function, can test the panel actual temperature.

•  The touch screen can store 8 set of different types of temperature curves for choice and usage.

Technical details

Dimensions 1500mm x610mm x670mm
Weight G.W 120000g
Battery Exclude
Heating Zone
Heating Length Upper 3 Zones/ Down 0 Zone
Heating Element 1000mm
Heating Method Vacuum Super-long Life Ni-Cr Heater
Control Mode Full Forced Hot Air Heating
Control Mode Operation Panel Button + Intelligent micro computer meter PID Close Loop Control
Warm-up time 20min
Cooling Zone Quantity 2 Air Cooling Zones (Plasma DC fan)
Cooling Method Transverse Flow Forced Air Cooling
Temp. control precision ±2℃
Temp. deviation on PCB ±2℃
PCB Max. Width Mesh belt width 300mm
Component Permitted Height 30mm
Transmission Direction Left→right (right→left optional)
Transmission Net Height 300±20mm
Transmission Method Stainless steel mesh belt
Conveyor Speed 0-1500mm/min
Abnormal Alarm Extra-high / extra- low temperature alarm
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Staring/Normal Power 5KW/1.5KW

Part List

Desktop 3 Heating Zones Reflow Oven 1


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