Disposable ECG Electrode (10 Pcs pack)

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Disposable ECG Electrode is Ag or AgCl electrode, which consist of base lining material, conductive gel, and electrode buckle. The base lining material uses the nonwoven fabric, the breathable paper, cotton or PE and foam with medical hypoallergenic adhesive. It's Y type S55 here.


- Separate AC Impedance: ≤ 3KΩ

- Average AC Impedance : 2KΩ

- DC offset voltage: 100mV

- Internal noise: ≤ 150μ


- Discharge in the 5th second electrode to voltage: 100mV

- Average rate of change every 10 second: 1mV/S

- Simulated defibrillation Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: ≤ 3KΩ

- Bias current tolerance: 100mV


Cytotoxicity : 1 level

Primary skin irritation: PⅡ0.0-1.9

Sensitization: < 1 level


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Technical details

Dimensions 150mm x100mm x13mm
Weight G.W 19g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 9018909090
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