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Disposable Face Mask - White - 50 Pcs

CE/FDA/ISO13485 certificated disposable face mask (Not for medical use). Please see a special message from Seeed in description

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A Message from Seeed

We have received many enquiries oversea from our friends in the community for face masks and we have donated a substantial quantity to our partners, maker spaces, fablabs all over the world in the past three weeks.

However, seeing that there are many urgent demands, we wanted to do our best to make masks available to more people. 25th March, Seeed was able to obtain a license to sell face masks and secure a quantity of disposable face masks.

We are not a professional face masks/protection products manufacturer or vendor, and we have worked hard to look for multiple channels for these items. Currently the market is fluctuating heavily all the time. While what we are able to offer is not the cheapest, it is the best price so far that we can get for our community. This is also the same face masks provided for Seeed’s staff for daily operation.

Seeed will continue to source other protective gears and make them available to you. If you have needs regarding a specific item, please send an email to [email protected]. Let’s all keep safe and keep making, alone but together. Wishing you all the best!


1. As some countries have started to collect all incoming masks of large quantities to be distributed centrally, and also due to our limited supply, each order cannot exceed two boxes of masks (50 pcs in each box, therefore a maximum of 100 pcs per order) to avoid customs issues.

2. Due to shipping restrictions, face masks can not ship together with other products via DHL. Please choose FedEx if your order contains other items.


We have obtained a new batch of CE/FDA certified disposable face masks at a lower price.

Key Feature

  • CE/FDA/ISO13485 certificated
  • Multi-layer folding, easy to stretch
  • High-quality materials, providing professional protection from dust, smoke, and bacteria

This Product is Suitable for:

  • People who are coughing or sneezing
  • People that may be exposed to larger populations like service crews


1. These masks are for one-time use only and are recommended for usage when in contact with people that may be exposed to larger populations, ie service crews.

2. They are NOT to be used by medical professionals who work directly with infected patients.

3. We strongly recommend using these masks in combination with proper and frequent hand-washing and avoid touching your face.


Part List

  • Disposable Face Mask - White - 50 Pcs


  • 17.5cm * 9.5cm


HSCODE 6307900010
USHSCODE 6307903020
EUHSCODE 6307903020
RoHS 1




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