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Dobot ARM

SKU 114990454
  • Assemble Iron Man by a robot arm
  • Easy click-and-drag control interface
  • Mobile Handling
  • Developer-friendly open source hardware
  • Open-ended effector for Multiple options
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This product is discontinued, please consider the Dobot Magician - Advanced Educational Plan and the Dobot Magician - Basic Plan as alternatives. 


Bring the industrial robot arm into out daily life!

Dobot ARM is an Arduino-based, open source, high accuracy precision(0.2mm) and easy to control desktop robotic arm. Professionals in desktop industrial it helps people accomplish feats safer, faster, and with greater efficiency and steady (Maximum lifting weight: 800g) than ever before.

Not only limited in normal garbing, Dobot has achieved a remarkable job in drawing, writing, testing, moving, grab things ( by following your orders), laser cutting and working with 3D printing pen.With it, you can enjoy the joy of the industrial robot arm and simplify the life from doing repetitive or extend to any interesting tasks:

  • • ŸAccurate handling

  • • ŸAssemble Iron Man by a robot arm.

  • • ŸPTZ camera

  • • ŸFeed and tickle your pets

  • • ŸPlay board games against the robot

  • • ŸMobile Handling

  • • ŸYou can do what you


  • • ŸHigh precision- 0.2mm with desktop product price

  • • ŸEquipped with high accuracy reducer, quieter than low-cost servo robotic arms, much more household-friendly

  • • ŸOpen-ended effector for Multiple options: air pump suckers, electronic drills, laser generators, 3D printing squeezers and more.

  • • ŸDeveloper-friendly open source hardware

  • • ŸBeginner: Easy click-and-drag control interface

  • • ŸAdvanced Maker: Programmable by using Processing, Arduino, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, App Inventor and more open source code libraries and cases will be continuously updated.

  • • ŸSupport 7 controlling methods: Mouse, Mobile App, Vision, Voice, Leap motion, Gestures and EEG.


Writing: Write the sweet words to your family , friends or lovers with the Dobot robotic arm no matter what language it isGarbing Things: Our high accuracy precision robot arm can help you grab every small little things you like, either your mobile, Coke or even little nails!Camera Motion: With the customized holder for mobile phone, Dobot robot can also take a time-lapse sequence or live action video

3D Printing: Mount a 3D printer head on Dobot robotic arm and let it turn into a 3D printer!PCB Soldering: With the high repeat-ability, Dobot can also do PCB Soldering.Laser Cutting: Carve a comic character with the help of robot arm,DIY the Kung Fu Panda, Baymax, Mario, etc.


Number of Axes4
Position repeatability0.2mm
MaterialAluminium Alloy 6061
ControllerArduino Mege2560
Power supply12V 5A DC

Axis MoveMentsWorking RangeMAX speedTorqueResolutionDrive
Axis1-135° - 135°200°/s6.4N·M0.01°Stepper Motor
Axis2-15°   - 85°
6.4N·M0.01°Stepper Motor
Axis3-20°   - 95°200°/s6.4N·M0.01°Stepper Motor
Axis4-90°   - 90°0.6sec/60°3.7KG·cm@7.4V


  • 1 x Basic version robot arm

  • 1 x Sucker

  • 1 x Angle sensor

  • 1 x Pen

  • 1 x Clipper

  • 1 x Laser head

  • 1 x Bluetooth module

  • 1 x Pen clipper


Dobot offers App for Android and iOS to let anyone can easily manipulate it and have fun. SDK is provided for makers and professional users, so you can use Dobot Arm as a platform to develop your own applications.


For further information, you can check with the Getting Started page or pay a visit to our forum to have any technical support.

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