Dual Alphanumeric 14 Segment LED - Yellow Green 0.54"

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This is 0.54" 14 segment common cathode LED and the color is yellow green.

It can display more characters then 7 segment LEDs, include letters and numbers.

It is compatible with bread board and can work with Arduino by adding some current limiting resistors. So, it Suitable for people who is newbie of electronic.

Note: It just a segment LED without control chip.

Corresponding Interface:

High intensity and reliability

High quality,low power requirement and low cost

IC compatible ,easy assembly

ESD 2000V


0.54 Inch dual digits display

common anode

black face ,white segment

Luminous Color: Yellow Green

Chips Materials: AlGaInP

For any technical support or suggestion, please kindly go to our forum.

Technical details

Dimensions 50mm x70mm x20mm
Weight G.W 5g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 8531200000
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