Dual SATA HAT for Raspberry Pi 4

This is a Pi Hat for Raspberry Pi 4 with SATA port which can insert HDD/SSD for extra storage. 

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Key Features

  • Up to 2x HDD/SSD´s - 2.5 or 3.5inch storage is supported
  • Utilizes two independent USB3 buses on Raspberry Pi 4
  • Type C power input with USB PD/QC support for 2.5inch drives and Raspberry Pi 4
  • External standard ATX power supply support for 3.5inch HDD
  • Fan and heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4 CPU cooling
  • HDD suspend mode supported
  • UASP support
  • Software RAID 0/1/5 support
  • Optional PWM control fan for HDD heat dispatching
  • Optional OLED display for IP Address/Storage info


Are you worried about your Raspberry Pi 4 that they don't have enough storage?  Here is a HAT for Raspberry Pi 4 which you can use the SATA port HDD to extend your Pi storage. 

For 3.5inch HDD setups, a standard ATX PSU is required to power the HDD´s and the Raspberry Pi. With 2x 3.5inch HDD´s the PSU should provide at least 60W or more.

For 2.5inch HDD setups, the USB PD/QC power adapter ( >=30W power adapter ) is sufficient to power the disk drives and the Raspberry Pi 4 together. It is important to mention that the power connector on the SATA HAT must be used to power up the NAS with Raspberry Pi 4.

The Dual SATA HAT utilizes two high-performance JMS561 (one JMS561 for the Dual SATA HAT) and provides up to 400MB/s read/write performance with four disks in RAID0 mode.

Hardware Overview

Part List

  •  Dual  SATA HAT board
  •  USB3.0 Connection adapter


HSCODE 8473301000
USHSCODE 8473301140




This blog will show you three ways to configure WiFi on your Raspberry Pi with both Raspberry Pi OS desktop and server, and it will also cover how to do it on a headless Raspberry Pi!



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