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      EL Panel - Red 10cm x 10cm

      EL Panel - Red 10cm x 10cm

      SKU 104990047
      This item is no longer available.


      A big sister to our EL tape, the EL panel is a similar item that comes in a 10 cm square format.  You’ll notice when working with it that it shares some of the same features as the EL tape:  flexibility, portability, and a beautiful soft glow.  It can be used as backlight for an illuminated device, or a platform for paper-cutting artwork.  Post it on a flat surface or wrap it around a curved surface.  Use it in a project as a lighting element or attach it to a shirt.  The options are amazing.
      You need an inverter to drive the EL light, to control it, please pick up an EL Shield.
      • No heat loss
      • Great backlight material
      • High efficiency (97%)
      • Does not emit UV light
      • Soft light that is not harsh on the eyes
      • Waterproof, except the connecter
      • The higher voltage EL USB inverter is recommended because it produces a stronger light
      • Able to be cut into other shape
      • Dimension:  10 cm x 10 cm
      • Thickness:  0.4 mm - 1.0 mm
      • Operating Voltage:  100 V~ 220 V  Optimum :  120 V 
      • Operating Frequency:  50 Hz~ 5000 Hz   Optimum:  1500 Hz - 2000 Hz 
      • Static Capacitance:  6 nf/m (20 ° C, the RH <80%) 
      • Brightness:   30 cd/m2 ~ 126 cd/m2 (at 120 V, 200 Hz ~ 2000 Hz)
      • Power:  108 mw m ~ 1032 mw/m (at 120 V, 200 Hz ~ 2000 Hz)
      • Life:  approximately 8000 hours 
      • Operating Temperature/Humidity:  -10 °C ~ + 60 °C/RH < 90% 
      • Storage Temperature/Humidity:  -10 °C ~ + 60 °C/RH < 65%  


      Technical Details

      Dimensions200mm x 150mm x 8mm
      WeightG.W 11g    


      Questions and Answers


      How many nm ?

      on Oct 19,2016
      Replyupvote ()
      <p>Hello.Please forgive my poor comprehension.Could you show your question more detailed.Thanks.</p>
      on Oct 20,2016 10:43 AM
      Replyupvote ()

      Can i directly connect this panel to my wall outlet with 220v 50hz?

      on Oct 19,2016
      Replyupvote ()
      <p>Hi.yes you can,but the operational voltage Less than 220v is more better.</p>
      on Oct 20,2016 10:44 AM
      Replyupvote ()

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        EL Panel - Red 10cm x 10cm

        SKU 104990047
        This item is no longer available.
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