EMWE - 3165 - A Development Board

EMWE 3165, wifi module, EMW3165 series wifi module, wi-fi module
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EMWE - 3165 - A is EMW3165 series wi-fi module development evaluation board, users use It can easily implement for MXCHIP wi-fi module development and evaluation.
This product contains NFC antenna, JTAG, USB, DB9, buttons, and other interface, also contains a 3.7 V battery, button battery 3.3 V;
Can cooperate with simulators for wi-fi module in the simulation burning. And can cooperate mxchipWNet library evaluation module: quickly passthrough, EASYLINK,
NFC matching and other functions.
Support model:
Module type Type of antenna
EMW3165-P P PCB antenna
EMW3165-E E External antenna
Part List:
1 x EMWE-3165-A Development Board

There is a forum for you to discuss and show your idea:www.emw3165.com

Technical details

Dimensions 170mm x110mm x18mm
Weight G.W 69g
Battery Exclude

Part List

EMWE - 3165 - A Development Board 1


HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8517700000
UPC 841454109730
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