Flexible LED Strip - Yellow

Flexible LED Strip - Yellow

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Looking for gorgeous LED strips to add some fun to your project? Try to find something you want here !

The LED strip Uses trinity-SMD LED as lighting source, with low voltage with resistance and  IC constant current made the shining stable, bright and uniform.  FPC circuit board made it easily to bend, Besides, self adhesive back makes it convenient to stick them to any flat surface.

These LED strips are sold by roll, each roll of 5 meters long and comes with connectors. Other color LED strips are also available for you to choose: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White and RGB. 



  • 10.0mm wide, 2mm thick, 50mm long per segment (3 LEDs).0.24w per LED.

  • 5 meters long per roll

  • Maximum 12V per strip segment

  • Max 1.2 Amps per meter (all LEDs lit full brightness)

  • 3 common-anode LEDs per segment, 20 segments per meter

  • No microcontroller or chip controller ('analog' only!)

  • Controller is  Not Required

Technical Details

Dimensions150mm x 140mm x 12.50mm
WeightG.W 100g    


ECCNNot Available


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    Flexible LED Strip - Yellow

    SKU 104990033
    1 Available
    $14.90/ 1pcs+
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