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GDA-OTH1 is specially designed for connecting the Grove series modules when you use ManShow-RC1,which integrates these types of interfaces and makes ManShow-RC1 become more powerful.
There are three communication modes('USB<->UNO', 'UNO<->Grove' and 'USB<->Servo') can be established by two switches in different combinations. Next, all functions of the adapter will be described in detail combining the silkscreen of the board.
'I' - I2C interface(please pay attention to whether the address of the Grove modules and SoftServo system in conflict or not, because the I2C interface of the SoftServo system and Arduino UNO are fixedly connected together on the board. If the conflict exists, please change the address of the SoftServo system by Gicren Tool in the 'USB<->Servo' communication mode.).
'U' - UART interface.
'D' - Two-Digital-IO(the D12 and D13 of the Arduino UNO are used.).
'RST' - Short the RST pin of the Arduino UNO to GND, in order to avoid the conflict on communication, because the SoftServo system can get the instruction packet simultaneously via I2C and UART. So it is necessary to short them when works in the 'USB<->Servo' communication mode.
'AREF' - Short the AREF pin of the Arduino UNO to 3.3V.
Part List:
1 x GDA-OTH1
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