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      Gameduino 2
      • Gameduino 2
      • Gameduino 2
      • Gameduino 2
      • Gameduino 2
      • Gameduino 2

      Gameduino 2

      SKU 105990008
      The Gameduino 2 turns your Arduino into a hand-held modern gaming system
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      The Gameduino 2 turns your Arduino into a hand-held modern gaming system. Touch control, a 3-axis accelerometer, microSD storage for game assets, headphone audio output, and all-new eye-popping graphics on its bright 4.3 inch screen.
      The Gameduino 2's FT800 graphics engine is highly capable, and its OpenGL-style command set makes graphics programming easy. It can load JPEGs, supports alpha transparency, and has a full 32-bit color pipeline. There are examples and code on the project page at
      Audio output is available on the amplified headphone jack, and provides a range of built-in  sounds as well as sample playback at up to 48 kHz.
      The Gameduino 2 software library is documented extensively in the book, available for free download.
      • Complete hand-held game module: supply an MCU (Arduino/Rasberry Pi) and power
      • Arduino shield form-factor
      • Bright 4.3” (diagonal) 480x272 screen, 262144 colors
      • Powered by latest FT800 Embedded Video Engine (EVE)
      • Resistive touch-screen input
      • 3-axis accelerometer for tilt gaming
      • microSD storage slot
      • Amplified audio via headphone socket
      • Software and book available for download
      Note this unit does not include a microSD card.
      • Arduino Uno shield form-factor, uses SPI bus on pins 13-11. Voltage levels 3.3-5v
      • 3.3-5V power supply required
      • 3-axis analog accelerometer
      • 4.3” (diagonal) TFT with adjustable backlight
      • 3.5mm audio jack
      • microSD card socket
      • Weight: 85g
      • Size: 105x75x20 mm
      For more info and to get started with your Gameduino 2, visit


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      Does it work with the Galileo board?

      on Oct 19,2016
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