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Grove - 1-Wire Thermocouple Amplifier (MAX31850K)

The Grove - 1-Wire Thermocouple Amplifier (MAX31850K) is a thermocouple-to-digital converter with 14-bit resolution and cold-junction compensation. It can measure the values of temperature from -50°C to 600°C.

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The Grove - 1-Wire Thermocouple Amplifier (MAX31850K) is a thermocouple-to-digital converters with 14-bit resolution and cold-junction compensation. This module is designed to be used in conjunction with a k-type thermocouple. The thermocouples have a much larger measurement range than thermistors. For example, this k-type thermocouple on our website has a measurement range of -50℃ to +600℃.

This module is based on the MAX31850K, which integrates amplifier, ADC and 64-bit ROM. Thanks to the 64-bit ROM, each device has a unique 64-bit serial code, which allows multiple units to function on the same 1-Wire bus. Therefore, it is simple to use one microcontroller (the master device) to monitor temperature from many thermocouples distributed over a large area.

Again, this module can't work alone, it must work with a k-type thermocouple, if you do not have one, you can consider Thermocouple Temperature Sensor K Type-1M in our bazaar.


We've Released the Grove Selection Guide and hope to help you find the Grove suit you best. 


- Integrated Cold-Junction Compensation

- Wide Conversion Range: allow readings from -270℃ to +1768℃

- 14-Bit, 0.25℃ Resolution

- Will not work with any other kind of thermocouple except K type

- Detects Thermocouple Shorts to GND or VDD

- Detects Open Thermocouple

Typical Applications

- Medical

- Appliances

- Industrial

- HVAC(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Pin Out

Assembly drawing


        Usually the positive pole of the K-type thermocouple is red and the negative is light white, but we can't guarantee that all K-type thermocouples are like this. So the above diagram is only for the K-type thermocouple purchased from our website. If your K-type thermocouple is obtained from other places, you need to use other methods to judge the positive and negative.


Technical details

Dimensions 40mm x20mm x18mm
Weight G.W 11.1g
Battery Exclude
Operating Voltage 3.3V / 5V
Temperature Resolution 14 bits
Temperature Accuracy ± 2℃
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +125℃
Storage Temperature Range -65℃ to +150℃
Allow Readings Range -270℃ to +1768℃
Input Jack DIP Female Blue-2Pin
Output Interface 1-Wire bus

Part List

Grove - 1-Wire Themocouple Amplifier (MAX31850K) 1
Grove Cable 1


HSCODE 9025900090
USHSCODE 9031808070
UPC 841454121237
EUHSCODE 9013101000
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1



Hey Seekers!!! Welcome to new products Tuesday!!! Today we are excited to release the all-new Grove - 1- Wire Thermocouple Amplifier(MAX31850K). You will see the many different cool things that will be able to do using our new Grove - 1-Wire Thermocouple Amplifier by watching this video.
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This is the wiki page for this product, which will show you how to use the product, as well as details about the software and hardware.



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