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Grove Formaldehyde Sensor can detect formaldehyde around 0~1000 ppb with low cross-sensitivity to alcohol and high stability of 6 years lifetime. Built-in RHT sensor ensures it maintains fine performance under different temperatures and humidity and it transmits data through UART and I2C ports.

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  • Low cross-sensitivity to alcohol
  • Standard formaldehyde measurement range: 0 ~ 1000 ppb
  • Long-term stability and 6 years’ service lifetime
  • Patented electrochemical cell with anti-dry technology
  • I2C/UART interface with lifetime-calibrated output
  • Maintain performance under different circumstances: compensated temperatures and humidity via built-in Sensirion RHT sensor by advanced algorithms.


Grove Formaldehyde Sensor is one of the Sensor Grove toolsets that standardized connectors of SFA30 Formaldehyde Sensor and make it modularly. With a Base Shield, it simplifies the process of detecting formaldehyde significantly. The primary module is made by SENSIRION based on electrochemical sensing technology optimized for the lowest false alarm rates. The basic theory is that the gas concentration signal decomposes the electrolyte into positive and negative charged ions, and the signal is transmitted through the electrode.

Grove Formaldehyde Sensor has low cross-sensitivity to alcohol and it also has long-term stability as long as 6 years because of advanced anti-dry technology. It is factory-calibrated and can be easily connected with the I2C or UART interface into your device. The integrated Sensirion RHT sensor compensating fully temperature and humidity guarantee a dependable function in changing indoor environments. And the low power consumption allows for battery operation. This makes Grove Formaldehyde Sensor a reliable, easy-to-use, and high-quality HCHO&RHT combo sensing solution.

Hardware Overview


  • Real-time detecting and reading HCHO gas concentration in parts per billion
  • Air Conditioners and Air Exchangers
  • Air Purifiers
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Part List

Grove Formaldehyde Sensor SFA30 x1
5 Pins Header x1


HSCODE 9027100090
USHSCODE 9027102000




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