Grove Maker Kit for Intel Joule

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Several weeks ago we published the Grove Shield for Intel Joule, This time, let’s introduce the incredible kit that can help you get started with Intel Joule easy and fast, the Grove maker kit for Intel Joule.

Joule is the most amazing board that Intel published for IoT project in 2016. With the embedded Linux system and rich hardware, Intel Joule can be the best choice for developers to improve their project and publish the prototyping to the market without much effort.

The Grove maker kit for Intel Joule is the best kit for fast building prototype based on Joule. The kit contains a grove bash shield for Joule, with which you can easily add the 13 grove modules that we specifically selected for Joule. If you have the Intel Joule on hand and plan to build a prototype fast, please don’t hesitate to choose the Grove maker kit for Intel Joule.

Technical details

Dimensions 1mm x1mm x1mm
Weight G.W 295g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove – Button 1
Grove – Sound Sensor v1.2 1
Grove – Touch Sensor 1
Grove – Light Sensor v1.2 1
Grove – Temperature Sensor v1.1 1
Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor(P) 1
Grove – Piezo Vibration Sensor 1
Grove – LCD RGB Backlight 1
Grove – Buzzer 1
Grove – Red LED 1
Grove – Green LED 1
Grove – Blue LED 1
Gear Stepper Motor with Driver 1
26AWG Grove Cable 13


HSCODE 9023009000

Grove Maker Kit for Intel Joule

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