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Grove - Mixer Pack

This product is discontinued, please consider the upgraded Mixer Pack V2 as an alternative product
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This product is discontinued, please consider the upgraded Mixer Pack V2 as an alternative product.
Let’s break down cold electronic circuit! Mixer is a group of Grove compatible modules we design for fast building functional prototypes. They are tiny cute modules that are accessible and fun for children and people lazy of soldering. We’ve done a lot of researches on what kinds of functions are the most commonly-used and here we have Mixer, including power, logic, sensors and actuators. With it you can integrate circuit into your craft without Arduino and computer. Come. Let’s MAKE some interactive projects with Mixer!
All-in-one Kit
Mixer consists of 20 mini modules including power, logic, sensors and actuators. We want it to be a relatively complete kit that you can play over and over again. That’s why we also pack sensors and actuators from Grove system in this kit, and why we have different power modules to meet your needs no matter you are working on a desktop experiment, or want a portable power supply.
Get Grove Modules Running without Arduino
Mixer provides a lightweight solution for simple circuits. Why controller is a must-have when we determine to make something fun? Mixer enables us to enjoy the plug and play convenience of Grove without a controller.
Vivid Demo Cards
To make it out-of-the-box, every kit is shipped with a set of 10 demo cards. On the front of each is a brief introduction of one module. And on the back are a demo project and its recipe that help starters to learn about the function of the module and get it rolling. Additionally, we also embed a QR code of Mixer’s wiki page on the back of each card. Scan it for more information about its design!
Left In, Right Out
Will I misconnect these Mixer modules? No, you won’t as long as you follow one simple principle. No matter how many Grove sockets on the module, hold it upright before you, then Grove sockets on the left are set for signals to flow in and the ones on the right are for signal to flow out. For a double security, we silk-print arrows on the upper plate to show the direction of signal flow. Remember, left in, right out!
Open System to Professional Grove Modules
Grove enjoys the fame as a versatile plug and play system. Sensors and actuators in Mixer are all selected from Grove. What if you want some special ingredients in your recipe beyond those we give? There are many other Grove modules that are compatible with Mixer. Grove sensors and actuators that work with digital or analog signals (in/out) can be your choice!
Part List
  • Grove - DC Jack Power
  • Grove - USB Power
  • Grove - Coin Battery Power
  • Grove - AND
  • Grove - OR
  • Grove - NOT
  • Grove - SUB
  • Grove - Branch
  • Grove - Pulse
  • Grove - Amplifier
  • Grove - Light Sensor x 2
  • Grove - Slide Potentiometer
  • Grove - Button x 2
  • Grove - Sound Sensor
  • Grove - LED x 2
  • Grove - Vibration Motor
  • Grove - Buzzer

Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to our forum.

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 410g
Battery Exclude




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