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  • Operate voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • Input current: 100mA
  • Rated load: [email protected] [email protected]
  • Contact resistance: 50mΩ @6VDC 1A
  • Insulation resistance: 100MΩ 10ms Max.
  • Operate time: 10ms Max.
  • Release time: 5ms Max.
  • Input interface: Digital


We've released the Seeed Relay Selection Guide, it will help you choose the relay that best suits your needs. 

The Relay is a digital normally open switch that controls a relay capable of switching much higher voltages and currents than your normal Arduino boards. When the relay is switched on, the LED will light up and the relay will allow current to flow. The peak voltage capability is 250V at 10A. 

With the help of the Grove System, engineers and makers can easily avoid jumper-wires problems. Seeed Studio has developed more than 300 Grove modules covering a wide range of applications that can fulfill a variety of needs.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Relay, you can check our Arduino Tutorial on How to Control High Voltage Devices with Relay Modules and Types of Relay - Which one should use?

Please exercise great care when working with mains voltages - if in doubt contact a professional such as a licensed electrician for help. 

For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before you use the product.

Technical details

Dimensions 42mm x24mm x18.5mm
Weight G.W 19g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove - Relay 1
User Guide 1


HSCODE 8538900000
USHSCODE 8471490000
UPC 841454107774
EUHSCODE 8543709099
EU DoC 1
UK DoC 1



Connect a Grove Relay to a Particle Photon to control an electromagnetic lock (not using Grove - Electromagnet but a good example to refer to when you have a Grove - Electromagnet).
Building a home automation system based on natural voice.
Face recognition is becoming more and more widely used, we can use it to make a smart lock.
[Project] Cancellino
Control everything with a SINGLE phone call.
Auto watering the plant and tracking plant's health through Helium and Microsoft Azure IoT.
This project will help the students who are preparing for any linguistic exam, where they can be trained by interacting with Snips AI.
I was wondering if I could make a futuristic and comfortable mask in this legendary punk cyber in 2020.
Using facial recognition to unlock a deadbolt through Netduino WiFi.
Using AI to train face recognition through UP2 board, Intel Movidius NCS, and Walabot radar to add extra security.
Create your Blynk mobile app to monitor your garden and activate the irrigation.
Effortlessly roll your own smart home applications with drag-and-drop Alexa 'aware' controls in the Virtual Breadboard Microsoft Store App.
Unlock your deadbolt remotely through WiFi using Netduino.
Drivers do lots of things while on the road, looking at road signs, pedestrian detection, driving around obstacles. Here's some assistance.
A new application for The Tactigon, this time combined with Raspberry Pi to achieve a futuristic lights control!
Grove Smart Plant Care Kit
We use the respeaker core v2.0 and wio link to control light and fan by IFTTT. We connect the light through Grove-delay to Wio link and fan through Grove-Infrared_Receiver to Grove-Infrared_emitter attached to Wio link.
Make a cool router and also a printer at the same time
En esta lección vamos a aprender a conectar y programar el módulo GROVE de relé.Thanks Javier Martinez provide this lesson for introduction to Seeeduino with Grove Starter Kit.
In this lesson you will learn how to connect and program the relay grove module.Thanks Javier Martinez provide this lesson for introduction to Seeeduino with Grove Starter Kit.
The Grove-Relay module is a digital normally-open switch. Through it, you can control circuit of high voltage with low voltage, say 5V on the controller. There is an indicator LED on the board, which will light up when the controlled terminals get closed.



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    Received my package of Grove Relays in less time than the estimated delivery. All relays were in the package and was able to put them to use right away. Easy Checkout and smooth experience.
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    fast shipping, and safe packaging for international shipping
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    The screw contacts should be bigger. Maybe some kind of a daisy chain connection scheme for multiple relays off one Grove connector?


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