Grove Starter Kit for 96Boards

Grove Starter Kit for 96Boards

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The 96Boards Sensors starter kit contains everything you need to wire up sensors and devices to a 96Boards single board computer. It contains the 96Boards Sensors mezzanine board with a selection of Grove modules that you can use to start experimenting and prototyping with the 96Boards platform.

Sample projects are provided for all of the included modules, and additional Grove modules can be purchased separately and used with this kit.

Please note: A 96Boards baseboard is not included.

This kit has been tested and works with the Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c and the LeMaker HiKey boards.


  • Integrated ATMEGA328p microcontroller (Arduino compatible)

  • 18 Grove connectors


    • 5x baseboard GPIO ports

    • 5x I2C ports (1 for baseboard, 2 for microcontroller)

    • 5 digital ports (for microcontroller)

    • 3x analog ports (for microcontroller)

  • 2x SPI connectors (1 to baseboard, 1 to microcontroller)

  • Arduino UNO compatible shield connectors

  • LED: Power, Reset, 2x baseboard GPIO, 1x microcontroller IO

  • UART interface between baseboard and microcontroller

  • USB-UART connector for baseboard console and contro

Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 339g    

Part List

96Boards Sensors Board (part # 96B-05GROVE-C)11
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight1
Grove - Smart Relay1
Grove - Buzzer1
Grove - Sound Sensor1
Grove - Touch Sensor1
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor1
Grove Temperature&Humidity Sensor1
Grove - LED1
Grove - Light Sensor1
Grove - Button1
DIP LED Blue-Blue1
DIP LED Green-Green1
DIP LED Red-Red1
Mini Servo1
Grove Cables10
M2.5 8mm nylon spacer4
M2.5 nylon screw4
Green Plastic Box1


ECCNNot Available




Questions and Answers

Other Platform selling on very high price, when you guys make this available ?
on Oct 29,2018
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Hello, thanks for advising! We will have them in stock around November-20th, we also had set the product as pre-order, so you are able to place order soon. It will ideally be shipping around the same date. Best Wishes, Alice
on Oct 30,2018 11:29 AM
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    Grove Starter Kit for 96Boards

    SKU 110060157
    This item is not available at the moment
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