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TinyML powered Handwriting Recognition Kit with Wio Terminal

This Arduino Handwriting Recognition Kit allows you to build an interactive TinyML handwriting recognition device with the Wio Terminal and two VL53L0X Time-of-Flight sensors, convenient and easy to train with Edge Impulse!


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    Handwriting recognition is a very hot field of research and development, and is amongst the popular ways that electronics are beginning to transform the way we interact in our lives. However, most people regard such technologies to be out of the reach of the common person. With the Arduino Handwriting Recognition Kit, you can now easily get your hands on the hardware resources to begin building your own transformative handwriting recognition solution!

    The kit is powered by the Wio Terminal, which is your perfect integrated platform for designing and prototyping TinyML applications. It is powered by the ARM Cortex-M4 ATSAMD51 and includes an extensive range of peripherals such as an LCD display, buttons, sensors, and wireless connectivity. Accompanied by two fast and accurate VL53L0X Time-of-Flight sensors, the Wio Terminal creates a 2D map of the handwriting surface to detect gestures and classify them on the edge with TinyML.

    TinyML is a popular and tremendously significant field involving machine learning models that are designed to run on ultra-small, ultra low power microcontrollers. By combining the Arduino Handwriting Recognition Kit with the Edge Impulse platform, you too can develop your own machine learning application and deploy it within minutes!

    You can also check our full blog post that will take you through the foundational knowledge and step-by-step tutorial to build your very own Arduino handwriting recognizer.


    • Build a TinyML powered handwriting recognition device with Arduino!

    • Complete Hardware Toolkit: Wio Terminal + 2 Grove - ToF Sensors Included

    • Accurate & powerful VL53L0X Time of Flight Sensor in modular Grove form factor

    • Run TinyML on the capable SAMD51 powered Wio Terminal, integrated with LCD, buttons, wireless connectivity, and more!

    • Reference community contributions to learn electronics while building a fun and useful project


    • Contactless Handwriting Kit

    • Portable Input Device

    • Gesture Recognition Device

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