Hapkit Board

Hapkit Board

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We worked with Stanford University to design the Hapkit Board, which supports the Hapkit open-source haptic device.

It merges a microcontroller Atmega328, Micro SD card Slot and Motor driver L298P, which can achieve these functions: control operation, data recording, motor driver. There are Hapkit-specific sensor connections: Mr Sensor connection and FSR Sensor connection. Standard Shield shape and Grove Interfaces, makes it convenient to connect more modules.

Its power can from Micro USB or 7v ~ 15v extern power. Only select extern power when you drive DC motors.



  • Working Voltage: 5V ~ 15V

  • Micorcontroller: Atmega328p

  • Support SD Card Type: Micro SD card, FAT/FAT32 (less than 2G)

  • Max output current per channel: 2A

  • Output Duty Range: 0%~100%


You can develop a Hapkit using the Hapkit Board and following the instructions for building/purchasing the other hardware at http://hapkit.stanford.edu.


Technical Details

Dimensions80mm x 120mm x 11.40mm
WeightG.W 25g    

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Hapkit Board

SKU 102990020
3 Available
$35.00/ 1pcs+
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