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      Heart-felt Shirt - Xtra-Large
      • Heart-felt Shirt - Xtra-Large

      Heart-felt Shirt - Xtra-Large

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      The Heart-felt Shirt is designed by Dr
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      The Heart-felt Shirt is designed by Dr.Sean M.Montgomery.
      The Heart-felt Shirt uses bio-sensors to read the wearer's EKG and generate radiating pulses of light from the electroluminescent panel that flash in time with the wearer's own heart rhythm. Using an off-the-shelf Polar Wearlink compatible chest strap (like the one you wear to the gym), the wearer's heart beat is detected and wirelessly transmitted to the shirt, where it is displayed as flashes of light.
      Wearing the shirt gives an intense feeling of life and rhythm, while at the same time reminding you of your electrical and mechanical roots. It's truly amazing how much the heart responds to social interaction and yet is almost entirely ignored as it meters our life. Part of the Vital Threads Biofeedback Apparel collection, the Heart-felt Shirt was designed to open fashion to dynamic new forms of self awareness, personal expression and interpersonal communication. By measuring and displaying the wearer's biological signals, Vital Threads Biofeedback Apparel gives the wearer the freedom to express his or her personal vantage on a moment by moment basis.
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