Intel Movidius MA245X AI Kit Compatible w/ Intel Movidius Stick

Intel Movidius MA245X AI Kit Compatible w/ Intel Movidius Stick

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What is Horned Sungem?

With Plug and AI in mind, HS is dedicated to be the simplest and wieldiest AI device to allow all developers, students, AI hobbyist and enthusiasts to create their own AI applications with ease. Without any dependency on deep learning frameworks or complex libraries, your device will be ready to see and understand the world after you plug HS into the USB port and run a short installation script.

Technology advantages of HS

Using a unique and integrated front-end design with Intel Movidius MA245X VPU chips, HS is able to achieve high performance at low power consumption (<3W). HS development toolkit is based on Python so it’s simple to use. It supports most platforms such as MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu, Raspbian), Android, Windows (to be released soon). Most importantly, it’s open-sourced and developers can train their own models through popular frameworks and convert them to HS-format to replace built-in models.


In the future, it will continue improving the SDK, building an active community and an online model store that encourage users to share or trade their models. HS is dedicated to serving anyone who is willing to experiment, create AI applications and ultimately, solve the troublesome real-life problems.


Embedded environment

Low power consumption

High integration

High performance per watt ratio

High flexibility

Support GoogleNet,Yolo v1/v2,SSD

Power less than 3W

Small and easy to carry

Support RPi Camera CSI interface

Technical Details

Dimensions65mm x 33mm x 38mm
WeightG.W 15g     N.W 10g
Support OS Windows/Mac/Ubuntu14.04/Ubuntu16.04/Ardroid/Raspbian
Hardware platform X86/X64/Raspberry Pi
USB 3.0
Development Languages C++/Python
VPU Intel Movidius MA245X

Part List

Horned Sungem1
USB Cable1




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    Intel Movidius MA245X AI Kit Compatible w/ Intel Movidius Stick

    SKU 102110157
    3 Available
    $129.00/ 1pcs+
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