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JustBoom DAC HAT for the Raspberry Pi

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The JustBoom DAC HAT is a plug and play, high resolution, digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi. Simply stack the plug-and-play add on board (HAT) onto your Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2B or the new 3B and it will be ready to use immediately.

Just connect your DAC HAT to a set of powered speakers or an audio amplifier and you can be up and running quickly, enjoying flawless high quality audio playback within minutes of unboxing this Raspberry Pi HAT.

Includes a 384kHz/32 bit DAC chip with hardware volume mixing as well as a 138mW headphone amplifier (note that the Raspberry Pi is only capable of a 192kHz/32bit output). Outputs are line level over RCA and headphone amplified over 3.5mm jack cable. The HAT uses the I2S interface for its audio input which reduces CPU load on the Raspberry Pi compared to USB solutions. It is also powered directly from the GPIO header so no extra cables or power supplies are required to connect to the Raspberry Pi. All of the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins are still accessible on the DAC HAT for easy customisation of your project – add additional sensors, buttons, LEDs, rotary encoders or anything your heart desires.

Use Cases

Pairing the Raspberry Pi with a high quality audio card provides the perfect solution for a number of exciting projects and applications where the standard on-board audio on the Raspberry Pi simply won’t cut it. Here are some possible use cases for the JustBoom DAC HAT and your Raspberry Pi computer:

•Streaming (either from cloud or network storage) high-definition audio player

•Multi-room audio player

•Media centre / set-top box living room entertainment system

•Shop floor / elevator / background music audio player

•High quality audio player with local storage

•Desktop high definition audio player with amplified headphone output

•And many many more….


•Full high quality audio – 384kHz / 32bit

•Includes both a DAC (digital to analog converter) and headphone amplifier

•Line-level RCA and headphone amplified 3.5mm jack outputs

•Plug and play compatibility for ease of use

•Hardware and software volume control from your Raspberry Pi

•No soldering required

•Powered by the Raspberry Pi GPIO header

•Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B+, 2B and the new 3B

•Mounting hardware included

•All Raspberry Pi GPIO pins still accessible via 40pin unpopulated extension header

•Our Raspberry Pi DAC is fully HAT compliant

•Full driver support in Raspbian

•Compatible with the JustBoom Player / OSMC / RuneAudio / Volumio / Moode / PiCorePlayer / PiMusicBox / OpenELEC and others

We also have AMP and Digi Raspberry Pi HATs available to purchase.

Technical details

Dimensions 0mm x0mm x0mm
Weight G.W 65g
Battery Exclude

Part List

JustBoom DAC HAT for the Raspberry Pi 1


HSCODE 8543909000
USHSCODE 8543708800
UPC 841454119821
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